Spinal Disc Injury in Boerne TX

Chiropractic Boerne TX Damaged Spine

There are thousands of people that suffer from disc injuries or spinal disc problems in Boerne TX. They can vary from slight to severe, but most require the attention of a trained doctor. Our integrative health care team can help you understand your condition, and help you develop the best treatment option for you.

What Are Some Spinal Disc Injuries in Boerne TX?

The little pads that lie between your vertebrae are called the intervertebral discs; each of which has a tough outer ring and a soft gel-like center. Your discs both join and separate your vertebrae. These discs serve as a cushion or shock absorbers so that the bones don't make contact with each other as you walk, which would be very painful. These discs in your spine help it remain flexible and strong.

Protruding Disc

If you are diagnosed with a protruding disc in means that the gel is pushed out and is asymmetrical in different places. This may result in pinching and irritation of the nerve roots at that point.

Bulging Disc

If you are ever diagnosed with a bulging disc after a car accident, it usually means the gel has been pushed out slightly from the disk and is evenly distributed around the circumference.

Herniated Disc

A herniated disc happens when the disc material ruptures to the point that the gel pushes outward. This can also cause pain and numbness due to the irritation of the nerves.

Disc Extrusion

A disc extrusion is the worst type of disc injury, in that the gel balloons extensively into the area outside the vertebrae or breaks off from the disc. This tends to result in considerable back pain and limitation of range of motion.

If you're suffering from a disc injury in Boerne TX call our team today. Our team at Genesis Health Chiropractic is here to help you reach your healthcare goals.


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