The Science of Chiropractic in Boerne TX

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Many people have questions about chiropractic in Boerne TX. This article is here to help explain some of the science behind our profession.

The Science of Chiropractic Care in Boerne TX

To be scientific means to be curious. To have the need to search for the how and why. To be scientific means to be intellectual which includes enjoying contemplating ideas, the journey to finding the answers, and finding the answer. Simply put, being scientific is the pursuit of knowledge. As a result of this definition, one can conclude that chiropractic is based on science because it is a scientific fact that the nervous system it would be virtually impossible to have functioning cells, organs, or systems within the body.

Chiropractic can appear to be very simple, but don't be fooled. There is a great deal of knowledge behind what looks simple. There is a continuous stream of studies that are finding that the chiropractic approach to health care is successful because the adjustments are reducing the nerve interference caused by subluxation. By removing these subluxations, the body's ability to heal itself and enhance the nervous system function.

Published Research

Published research ranges from migraines, dizziness, and nausea to asthma, menstrual cramps, and low back pain. They are also finding that chiropractic can help with epilepsy and infertility.

The chiropractic profession has been subject to the double standard when it comes to providing scientific evidence. A medical economist, David Eddy, MD, Ph.D, observed that only 15% of medical procedures have ever been scientifically verified, and the other 85% of common medical procedures have no "scientific basis".

It is easy to Google whether something helps or not and find differing answers from people that may or may not be honest, but we invite you to ask one of our delighted patients what they think. Today chiropractic is the most popular form of alternative healthcare.

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